Network Design and Installation

Whether it's a simple local data network or a corporate wide area network connecting offices internationally, CI Spectrum has the knowledge and expertise to properly design, configure and support your computing network.
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Software Applications and Databases

CI Spectrum utilizes its decades of experience in applications integration and development to give you solutions that work and integrate seemingly disparate systems.
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Website, Portal and Remote Solutions

CI Spectrum's Web and Portal Team has extensive experience in creating and supporting high quality, professional sites for our clients.
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Disaster Recovery and Real Time Fail-Over Solutions

IT happens. A critical server will fail, a pipe in the computer room will burst, a hurricane will knock power out to your east coast office for a week or maybe something even worse. A tested plan that takes your organization's entire IT requirements into consideration is called for.
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Data and Network Security

Every layer of today's network environments presents potential risks, let CI Spectrum help you manage them.
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24/7 Maintenance and Support

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24/7 Support

Resolving computer problems, slowness, error messages and downtime through constant maintenance, planning, and support.

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Cloud Integration and Backup Solutions

At the request of our clients. CI Spectrum has launched a multi-level Cloud based solution for our clients. In conjunction with our leading industry partners our solutions are fully scalable for private cloud networks.

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